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Anesthesiology is the medical branch that deals with special medical drugs that are administrated to the patient before carrying out any operation or invasive diagnosis. It ensures that the medical procedure can be carried out effectively while the patient experience minimum to no pain and trauma related to it. It can be either injected intravenously or through inhalation.

There are 4 kinds of anesthesia that are administrated are as follows

General Anesthesia

It causes total unconsciousness and is administrated for every major operation. Examples would be Open heart surgery or weight reduction surgery and so on,

Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)

It is used for the procedures that might need some response from the patient. The anesthesia causes sedation and makes the procedure pain-free, but the patient still is able to communicate. Laparoscopic pain mapping procedures and several minimally invasive surgeries are carried out like this.

Regional anesthesia

It causes numbness in a particular area (depending upon the site of the injection), but does not cause unconsciousness. It is used during troubled delivery and other gynecological procedures.

Local anesthesia

It causes numbness in a precise location, but enables the patient to be alert. It is used for a minor medical procedure such as getting stitches etc.

At Ajara Hospitals, the particular type of the anesthesia is determined by the health caregiver depending upon the type of surgery and overall health of the patient. In some cases, multiple types of anesthesia might be administrated.