Endocrinology is a branch of medical science that deals with the study of hormones and their functions in the body. Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by specialized cells or glands in the body, which regulate various physiological processes like metabolism, growth and development, reproductive function, and response to stress

Below are some of the most common conditions that are treated by us:

  • Ajara HospitalDiabetes and metabolic conditions
  • Ajara HospitalThyroid-related issues
  • Ajara HospitalPCOS
  • Ajara HospitalGynecomastia
  • Ajara HospitalEndocrine cancers and tumors
  • Ajara HospitalSexual development and reproductive issues etc
  • Ajara HospitalObesity
  • Ajara HospitalCholestrol abnormalities
  • Ajara HospitalHeight Problems in Children (Short Stature)
  • Ajara HospitalUnexplained weight loss
  • Ajara HospitalOsteoporosis
  • Ajara HospitalRickets, Vit-D problems
  • Ajara HospitalResistant Hypertension, young Hypertension
  • Ajara HospitalMenopause problems
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