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Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology

The symptoms of colorectal diseases are very trivial, such as weakness, weight loss, occasional bleeding with stool etc. and many times people often ignores these symptoms which result in delay in diagnosis and treatment. These diseases may arise due to heredity, sedentary lifestyle and some underlying disease, but many a time, it can happen with no prior risk factors as well. Many of these colorectal diseases, if diagnosed and treated at an early stage, can be completely cured.

Ajara Hospitals has state of the art operating theatre, endoscopy suites and most modern equipments and modes of treatment for addressing these diseases. Here the colorectal surgeons are treating many colorectal illnesses including the following:

  • Colorectal cancer and benign pathologies
  • Benign anorectal pathologies
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, e.g. Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis
  • Pre-malignant bowel pathologies like polyps or polyposis syndrome
  • Small intestinal pathologies like GIST (Gastrointestinal stromal tumour)
  • Stoma care including management of stoma-related hernias

At Ajara Hospitals most of the operations are done by laparoscopic or key-hole surgery, and also by SILS (single incision laparoscopic surgery) or TEMS (Trans-anal Endoscopic Microsurgery). These advance procedures helps to get people back to their normal life significantly quicker than the conventional open surgery.