Food can do more than keeping you healthy. Like the best modern medicines, it can also help heal what ails you. It is true that the right diet is the best prescription for better health. and more than even before about the power of food to prevent, treat, and cure major ailments as well as minor annoyances. The Dietetics Department at Ajara Hospitals formulates the most appropriate nutritional therapy for every patient (both Out-Patient Division and In-Patient Division). Individual requirements are considered through Initial Metabolic, Biochemical and Anthropometric data obtained by Nutritional Assessment of the patient. and also educating the outpatient about nature of the disease, detection, problems and prevention. The patient is made aware of the fact that diet plays an important role in the prognosis of a disease and is urged strictly follow the guidelines of diet therapy. Our dietitian provide.

Below are some of the most common conditions that are treated by us:

  • Ajara HospitalNutritional counseling to chronic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, COPD, Obesity, Bronchial Asthma, Kidney problems and other infectious diseases.
  • Ajara HospitalNutritional Screening,Assessment and dietary advice to the In-patients.
  • Ajara HospitalUse evidence based practices to ensure effective therapies.
  • Ajara HospitalEnsuring the safety of our food supply.
  • Ajara HospitalWork to the highest professional standards.
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  • Ajara Hospital24/7 Ambulance
  • Ajara Hospital10 bedded ER with 24/7 emergency Pharmacy and diagnostic facilities
  • Ajara Hospital24/7 Emergency Physician availability
  • Ajara Hospital24/7 Availability of Qualified and Certified emergency Technicians and emergency nursing staff with ACLS credentials
  • Ajara HospitalER with direct ambulance accessibility
  • Ajara HospitalVentilator facilities
  • Ajara HospitalDefibrillator facilities for CPR
  • Ajara HospitalDisaster management capability
  • Ajara HospitalDedicated triage beds
  • Ajara HospitalDedicated CPR bay
  • Ajara HospitalDedicated Procedure Bay with emergency OT
  • Our Strength

    Quickest response time on arrival (below 1 minute) with a great success rate in stabilizing patients in emergencies.

  • Ajara HospitalAverage of 20 emergencies per day
  • Our Medical Experts

    Ajara Hospitals is home to 2500+ eminent doctors in the world, most of whom are pioneers in their respective fields. Additionally, they are renowned for developing innovative and revolutionary clinical procedures.

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